# Online Counselling Schedule [Posted on 27th June, 2020]

# Counselling Schedule for June-Aug, 2020 [Posted on 03rd June, 2020]

# Online Counselling Schedule for all Faculties [Posted on 29th May, 2020]

# Online class schedule for MSCCFT Classes to be begin w.e.f. 30th May, 2020 [Posted on 28th May, 2020]

# Important Instructions for Submission of Assignments Online through Google Forms latest by 31st May, 2020 [Posted on 08th May, 2020]

# Updated – Online Students Counselling Schedule for May, 2020 due to COVID-19 [Posted on 07th May, 2020]

# Schedule for all faculties for 02/05/2020 [Posted on 01st May, 2020]

# Live talk with Dr. Pandey, Director IGNOU, RC-3on Youtube Channel on 25th April, 2020 [Posted on 24th April, 2020]

# Online submission of examination Form for June 2020 TEE Date Extended upto 15th MAY 2020 without Late Fee [Posted on 20th April, 2020]

# Submission of Assignments for Students eligible to appear in the TEE June 2020 is extended from 30/04/2020 to 31/05/2020 [Posted on 20th April, 2020]

# Last date for submitting Assignment to appear in TEE June, 2020 has been extended from present date 31.03.2020 to 30.04.2020 [Posted on 17th March, 2020]

# Notice [Posted on 13th March 2020]

# Counselling Schedule for M.Sc CFT (Counseling and Family Therapy) [Posted on 20th Feb, 2020]

# Classes of MHD2 and MHD3, scheduled for 8th February, 2020 which could not be held due to Delhi Assembly Elections, now will be held on 22nd February, 2020 [Posted on 14th Feb, 2020]

# Timetable and Schedule for MEG 4 [Posted on 14th Feb, 2020]

# The Students of MEG are hereby informed that they will having their class for MEG 4 at 11 a.m. [Posted on 31st Jan, 2020]

# Final Timetables for Commerce (M.Com) A & B Sections [Posted on 31st Jan, 2020]

#  Ms. Manisha Mittal teaching IB0 3 M.Com Section A will not be able to take her class tomorrow i.e. 25th January, 2020 (Saturday) from 9 am to 11 am.  Inconvenience is regretted. [Posted on 24th January, 2020]

# Scheduled classes of MEG 1 and 3 will not be held on 18th January,2020 [ Posted on 16.01.2020]

# M. Sc. Counseling and Family Therapy [26th Dec, 2019]

# Counselling Regional Centre Delhi – M.Sc CFT [20th Dec, 2019]

# Counselling Schedule – M.Sc Counselling and Family Therapy [20th Dec, 2019]

# Counselling Schedule_MA English [20th Dec, 2019]

# Counselling schedule for IGNOU programmes – MEC, MHD, MCOM, MEG, MPS [1st Nov, 2019]

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